Expansion to Central America

Our telecommunications company offers large-scale data solutions for enterprises that need to expand the capacity of their bandwidth and storage. Thanks to more than 30,000 km of cable stretched across the country, our connections can fulfill any data needs. We provide 3 types of broadband transmission services via PDH and SDH interfaces. The first one is undersea connection bandwidth service, which links 2 cable stations in the coverage area. The second type of our services is meant to install connection at city-center access points through regional backhaul networks. The third type is aimed at establishing connection at offices through local networks. Just choose the service you need and contact us in the most convenient way!

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Affordable Costs

The advent of telecommunications has brought a lot of advantages to businesses, from better customer service to more efficient training of employees. Companies equipped with telecom technologies have a competitive edge over their rivals that still use traditional ways of communication. They can improve the working efficiency by means of the streamlined communication. For example, when some critical issue arises during the working process, employees can respond to it much quicker. Telecommunications allow business to stay in touch with their clients and develop customer-oriented solutions. These ultramodern technologies also give an opportunity to keep abreast with the latest industry achievements.

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