Expansion to Central America

Our telecommunications company offers large-scale data solutions for enterprises that need to expand the capacity of their bandwidth and storage. Thanks to more than 30,000 km of cable stretched across the country, our connections can fulfill any data needs. We provide 3 types of broadband transmission services via PDH and SDH interfaces. The first one is undersea connection bandwidth service, which links 2 cable stations in the coverage area. The second type of our services is meant to install connection at city-center access points through regional backhaul networks. The third type is aimed at establishing connection at offices through local networks. Just choose the service you need and contact us in the most convenient way!

Free Installation

With the fast pace of the modern life, people naturally want to communicate without any hindrance wherever they are. However, many of use often suffer from signal disruptions in old, concrete buildings. This problem doesn’t only cause inconvenience, but also worsens the business flow and even threatens the safety in case of emergency. The mission of our company is to equip wired environments with wireless communications. For this, we install an innovative antenna system capturing outside signals and transmitting them inside. In such a way, communication becomes really flexible and maximally secure.

Video Delivery Network

Our video delivery network ensures the highest standards of quality. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we don’t save on the bandwidth through recompression of video signals. Browse through our large library of video on demand and choose from the content of 3D, standard and high definition types. The content is delivered through the digital HFC network.